Mantilla Wedding Veil, spring and summer season

05/02/2016   17:02:10

 A Mantilla Veil is a Spanish Style Veil that is becoming more popular today. It has been worn in wedding ceremonies for many years.  It’s also a long veil used as a head cover for religious services; its also a

Love the bride has added a new selection of Mantilla Wedding Veils for this spring and summer season.  Our veils you can get in White, Ivory or diamond white or with one or two layers.

A mantilla veil can also add some spice to your look.  For example if your dress is plain with not a lot of design, pearls, rhinestones or lace. A mantilla veil can add that special pop to your look.

 If you have a dress that has lace design,  pearls or rhinestones you also can pull off the look of a Mantilla veil. Just make sure that it complements your dress and doesn’t over do that look. The model wearing the dress to the right has that look pulled off perfectly.

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