Choosing a wedding cake design is one of the especially fun parts of planning the big day! Not too many grooms or bridesmaids will turn down the opportunity to join the bride on a cake tasting appointment! However, not only does a wedding cake need to taste delicious, it should be a beautiful centerpiece at the reception and usually reflects the theme of the wedding.

In medieval times, cakes were stacked as high as possible for the bride and groom to kiss over isn is still a very popular tradition, wedding cakes now come in many shapes, sizes, flavors and styles.

1. Cakes stripping back to its simplest form and revealing its inner beauty. Like a cake, in its birthday suit ! Perfect for a simple or rustic themed wedding.

2. Metallic all that glitters is gold, or silver. For a seriously showstopping design, incorporate edible metallic paint or gold/silver foil in your wedding cake design. Glamorous!

So many beautiful designs to choose from! What style of cake will you be having for your wedding? Not sure, or need help pulling your ideas together for your big day? That drop us a line to discuss our event styling packages.

wedding cake design
wedding cake design, Rustic cake unknown designer

Lulus sweet secrets wedding cake design
Lulus sweet secrets wedding cake design, cake by lulus sweet secrets

Ombre wedding cake design
Ombre wedding cake design, Ombre cake unknown designer

The sugar suite wedding cake design
The sugar suite wedding cake design, The sugar suite cake by

The cake that ate paris wedding cake design
The cake that ate paris wedding cake design, The cake that ate paris by

Silver wedding cake design
Silver wedding cake design, Silver metallic cake unknown designer

Metallic cake wedding cake design
Metallic cake wedding cake design, Metallic cake gold unknown designer

Sweet on wedding cake design
Sweet on wedding cake design, Sweet on cake by

Gold wedding cake design
Gold wedding cake design, Gold cake by bobette and belle artinisinal pastries

Watercolour wedding cake design
Watercolour wedding cake design, Watercolour cake via the

Green wedding cake design
Green wedding cake design, Green emerald cake via weddingchicks

Peach wedding cake design
Peach wedding cake design, Peach cake by cakeapothecary

Bold ombre wedding cake design
Bold ombre wedding cake design, Bold ombre cake unknown designer

Grey wedding cake design
Grey wedding cake design, Grey cake by cakes editor

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